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How to Use

Alien Vinyl is a specialty adhesive vinyl and is a little thicker and more stiff than traditional adhesive vinyl.   For this reason, this vinyl is not suited for small detailed designs.   Small detailed cuts will be more difficult to weed and may have an issue sticking to the transfer tape. 

You may also observe tunneling. Tunneling is where the vinyl edges will bubble up, or there will be what looks like pockets of air in between the vinyl and the backing.  If you see tunneling or air pockets/bubbles slowly lift the vinyl away from the backing to release the air, then lay the vinyl back down on the backing. Be careful not to crease the vinyl if you us a squeegee when trying to remove the air.


Cut Settings

Cricut - Custom: Vinyl with More Pressure selected

Silhouette - Material : Vinyl Glossy , Blade: 2, Speed 8, Force 25

Use these settings as a guideline only.  Different machines and blades cut differently.  What works for us may be a little different on your machine

After cutting, remove excess vinyl (weed) then apply transfer tape.