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How to Use

Cut Limitations and Tunneling

Alien Vinyl is a specialty adhesive vinyl so it is a little stiffer than a typical adhesive vinyl.   This stiffness limits your ability to cut very small detailed designs or areas in your designs.  Small detailed cuts may be more difficult to weed and resist lifting on the carrier sheet.  Please keep this in mind when using Alien Vinyl. 

Due to this stiffness, you may also observe tunneling.  Tunneling is where the vinyl edges bubble up or there will be bubbles between the vinyl and backing.  If you see tunneling or bubbling, slowly lift the vinyl away from the backing to release the air then lay the vinyl back down.  You may also use a squeegee, but be careful not to push to hard as to crease the vinyl.

Cut Settings

Cricut - Custom: Glitter Vinyl with More Pressure selected

Silhouette - Material : Vinyl Glossy , Blade: 2, Speed 7, Force 20

Brother Scan /Cut - Blade 2 , Speed 3, Pressure 2

Please keep in mind that these settings are a guideline only.  Cut settings may be affected by your machine or blade so in other words, everyone's machine cuts a little differently. 

After cutting, remove excess vinyl (weed) then apply transfer tape.