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Majestic 12 Metallic

Shiny finish mirror metallic permanent adhesive vinyl. Material Width is 12 Inches.  

This vinyl has a waterproof sticky adhesive on the back side. A paper liner is peeled off the back to expose the adhesive surface. Will stick to most clean, smooth surfaces. Often used for signage, decals, auto and truck graphics. 3 mil thick vinyl rated for up to 5 year outdoor durability. Fluorescent colors may fade outdoors and only last 5-8 months.

Cut Settings: This material is a little stiffer than a standard adhesive vinyl but can basically be cut on the same settings with a few adjustments to thickness or force.

Cricut - Custom: Vinyl with More Pressure selected

Silhouette - Material : Vinyl Glossy , Blade: 2, Speed 8, Force 25

 Note: Sunlight or UV exposure can affect the color and/or durability of this vinyl

Made in USA,  with non-toxic adhesive.  Does not contain heavy metal stabilizers often found in imported vinyls.


Spaceship Silver
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#Majestic12 Spaceship Silver

Aztec Gold
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#Majestic12 Aztec Gold

Stange Blue Lights
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#Majestic12 Stange Blue Lights

Mars Red
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#Majestic12 Mars Red

Atlantis Blue
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#Majestic 12 Atlantis Blue

Foo Fighter Fuchsia
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#Majestic 12 Foo Fighter Fuchsia