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Galactic Shift

Shiny mirror metallic oil slick pattern permanent adhesive vinyl. Material Width is 12 Inches.  

This vinyl has a waterproof sticky adhesive on the back side. A paper liner is peeled off the back to expose the adhesive surface. Will stick to most clean, smooth surfaces. Often used for signage, decals, auto and truck graphics. This 3 mil thick vinyl with a 3-5 year outdoor durability

Fluorescent Colors life expectancy is 6 months or less outdoors

Cut Settings:  Generally this film can be cut on the same settings as other standard adhesive vinyl film.  We do recommend small test cuts and to adjust pressure accordingly and as required.  

Note: Life expectancy may vary depending on amount of sunlight or UV exposure

Spaceship Silver
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#GalacticShift Spaceship Silver

Mirror Silver Oil Slick

Men in Black
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#GalacticShift Men in Black

Mirror Black Oil Slick